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2 Conversion Conference Chicago Sessions I Can’t Miss

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Conversion Conference (#convconf) is only 8 short days away and I couldn’t be more amped to attend this year. The speaker lineup is stacked and the session topics go far deeper than most conferences I’ve attended – this is going to be awesome. While I plan on attending as many sessions as possible there are 2 in particular I can’t wait for because the speakers have had a profound impact on my life and career in this field.

So who are they?


Jeremy Schoemaker (A.K.A. Shoemoney)

[hr] Even though Jeremy has no clue who I am his blog and writings have made a huge impact on my life and career. I’ve been following Jeremy’s Internet marketing blog since I was a clueless 16 year old in high school trying to figure this whole Internet business thing out. Jeremy’s blog without a doubt helped keep me motivated and inspired for a lot of different reasons.

Seeing Jeremy hold a check for over $100,000 from Google was a real eye opener for me – it was basically the point where I realized I can do this type of work as a career and build something real; not just a fly-by-night business.

If you aren’t familiar with Jeremy’s story, I highly recommend reading his about page – his story in inspiring to say the least and resonates very closely with mine. We both had a turning point where we realized we can do a whole lot better and turned things around with a ton of self-education and hard work. The other reason I’ve always been a fan of Jeremy is that he’s not afraid to be himself on any of his public outlets (blog, social media, interviews, etc.) – too many people working online hide their personality in fear of losing clients or jobs. I feel like if I had played it safe like most people I’d be at least a year behind where I am now; being overly cautious and calculated has not proven to be an effective business strategy for me.

Aside from the inspiration to keep moving forward Jeremy’s content has always been actionable and backed with real world experience and methodical testing. That’s exactly why I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about converting one time visitors into customers, I know this session alone will be worth the trip to Chicago. If this ever makes it way to you Jeremy, thank you for everything you’ve done – you’ve helped a lot more people than you realize.


Tim Ash

[hr] I’m such a nerd about conversion rate optimization that Tim Ash is like the George Clooney of CRO to me. When I first started exploring the world of CRO SiteTuners was constantly mentioned and recommended so I inevitably checked them out and ended up spending hours pouring over their content and books. Many of the lessons I learned from SiteTuners teachings have been applicable to not only improving conversions but building a better business, making customers happy, and delivering an excellent stress-free user experience.

Thanks to Tim and his awesome team of true experts I learned countless invaluable lessons that helped me improve clients websites while becoming a better marketer and professional. For that I have Tim to thank and can’t wait to hear his keynote at Conversion Conference Chicago – I just hope I can take notes fast enough…


If you aren’t already subscribed to the SiteTuners blog, I highly advise you do so right now.




Some other sessions I look forward to:


  • Angie Schottmuller – Organic Conversions – Conversion Strategies for SEO Traffic 10:30AM Tuesday (CRO and Search is a big puzzle to most people, should be interessting!)


  • Michal Parízek – 7 Pillars of a Mature Conversion Optimization Strategy 11:30AM Tuesday (I’m a big fan of systems and processes; I have a feeling this session will teach me a lot about structuring and organizing my CRO campaigns more efficiently)


  • Jodie Ellis – Getting Personal: 5 Ways to Optimize More with Targeting 3:45PM Tuesday (It’s mind blowing how far online marketing tech has come in the last 2 years – the things we can do with targeting today are insane and would have been near impossible in the recent past)


  • Jon Morris – High-Impact PPC: Reduce Pain Points, Increase Profits 4:45PM Tuesday (As a PPC professional there’s always another trick, method, or strategy to improve your campaigns across the board – can’t wait for this one)


  • Dennis Yu – Facebook’s Hidden Conversion Rate Impact 10:30AM Wednesday (With Facebook’s new partner category targeting options I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation wit their ad platform as of late, this is a topic I’ve been curious about for awhile now)


  • Josh Krafchin – After the Conversion: Leveraging the Power of Confirmation Pages 1:30PM Wednesday (There are a lot of creative things you can do with conversion/confirmation/thank you pages and I know I’m barely scraping the surface with my current strategies – this session should be an eye opener)

[hr] I can already tell this is going to be a great conference with plenty of immediately applicable takeaways, see you there 🙂

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