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WhichTestWon TLE 2013 Speaker Notes – Thursday

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If you missed any of the Thursday sessions I was able to take notes for, you can get mine here:


GetitFree Case Study – Make Online Advertising Convert (Much) Better with Path Optimization

Experian – How to Get Consumers to Fill Out Long, Complex Forms Requiring Personal Information

BlazeMeter – Increase Conversions for SaaS Sites

Dell – High Impact Segmentation and Behavioral Targeting

Wayfair – Increase Conversion Using Dynamic Messaging

Google –  Customer Optimization Versus Conversion Optimization: Advanced Analytics

Legal Zoom – How LegalZoom is Improving Conversions

Lifesize Communications – How to Overhaul Your Corporate Website Based on Customer Interviews, Personas, & Testing

Motorcycle USA –  Top 5 High-Impact eCommerce Conversion Optimization Tactics from Motorcycle Superstore

Paypal – How to Roll Out Winning Tests Globally

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts – Travel & Hospitality Conversion Optimization – New Lessons Learned

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